Monday, November 15, 2010

where I'm at...

I have to apologize for my inconsistent blogging. I have several posts I need to complete that have been gestating in my head for a while now, so hopefully I can begin to get them out.

I'm just totally exhausted lately. My job should take up 35 hours of my week, but it's taken more like 45. And it's taking everything out of me, psychologically. And I know I am not alone. My question to the class, if anyone has any answers, is how do you find the mental capability at the end of the day (if your work is like mine and rather unrelated to our field) to turn to this work with fresh eyes? I am struggling with this lately, and I'd love any guidance or advice. It sometimes begins feeling like this looming elephant in the room with me all the time; one I love and want to play with, but that demands attention and care that I find myself struggling to muster.

In the end, I am here at Lesley for this program and this work so I need to find a way to do both. I feel like a glass that is completely full, and as more is poured in, more of the old spills out. Does the glass ever grow, or does it just break eventually?

I also am reminded constantly how everyone, especially the communities I will someday work in, has got it rough. We're all overloaded. There's a quote that I can't quite remember, about remembering that the other person is running their own marathon, or something...regardless, appreciation and understanding is at the heart of what we do.

And with that, i'm on to my long overdue postings...

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  1. I imagine you were asking others in the class not me this question of balancing school work and your day job...but I will answer it for myself because I'm trying to take the same journey of conducting my research as my job continues to expand.

    The only think I have found works for me is
    --doing my research work first thing (before work begins and overtakes everything)
    --blocking out time on my calendar (this includes lunch times) where I pick up my stuff and leave the vicinity and go hide in a place where I can write quietly and not be found.

    It's a tough one!!!

    That's one reason I built in studio sessions so we would actually have time to try out the idea explored in class...